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Lumberfolk Timberguys

Story 1 this week is about a weird…snake…thing… from Georgia. Story 2 is a listener-submission detailing a creepy Texas hotel. Here’s what we’re drinking this week: T-Minus Tangerine Kolsch – 7/10 Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 4 (or 7)/10 Redmont Vodka – 5/10 Tito’s Handmade Vodka – 8.5/10 SPECIALTY MIXER: White’s Elixirs Sour Mix … Continue reading Lumberfolk Timberguys

It Doesn’t Feel Good to Be Here

Story 1 takes us to Tennessee where we talk about a giant wild ginger, chicken yodels, and the little-known fact that everybody’s got sasquatches. Story 2 is a truly horrific account from a famous Louisiana mansion. Here’s what we drinking this week: Freckle Belly India Pale Ale – 9.5/10 Elizabeth Vodka – 9/10 Specialty Mixer … Continue reading It Doesn’t Feel Good to Be Here