One thought on “SOUTHERN SAMPLER: Proud of You, John Mulaney

  1. Hi Leah, Mitch, and Kyle! I really enjoyed this (Kyle, you’re a great guest star), for SO many reasons. First, I’ll say that I heard about your podcast via Hex Files and eagerly subscribed. My boyfriend and I just moved to our own hundred year old or so house in New Orleans and what better way to learn about the South than through the spooky, macabre, and strange? Kyle: not only did this story scare me (I’m a graduate student and was picturing professors losing their cool about tenure) BUT I was not familiar with the Huntsville shooting! I can not believe Dr. Bishop is from my hometown, Ipswich, Massachusetts! And yes, you said it right. The name came from the Puritans. Those English fools put an Ipswich in Massachusetts and in Australia and who knows how many other places in which they settled. My boyfriend and I got a load of laughs during this episode and will definitely embrace the battle cry of, “I’m Doctor Amy Bishop!” Sadly, I have not been to the Braintree, MA IHOP but something tells me we will hit it up when we visit my parents up there for Christmas. We love hearing your show! Thank you!

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