Episode One Blog: Illicit Fudge

For Episode One, our beer is Good People IPA from the Good People Brewing Co. in Birmingham Alabama. Mitch gives this beer an over all 8.5 out of 10 for its smooth bitter taste. Our liquor is Redmont Vodka from the Redmont Distilling Co. in Birmingham Alabama. Mitch gives this Vodka a 5 out of 10 strictly on the basis of it being vodka. Leah is more of a vodka drinker and gives it an 8 out of 10 for its smooth taste and relatively low burn on the way down.

Both of our stories are set on the gorgeous campus of the University of Montevallo. The first photo is of Main Hall, the dormitory Condie Cunningham was living in at the time of her tragic demise. The second is of Condie’s sophomore class composite. One of the girls in that composite is miss Cunningham, though it is not recorded which one she is. The third Image is of Condie’s Grave stone in Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham Alabama. The final image is of the notorious “Face in the Door”.


The image above is of Reynolds Hall, the haunted theatre building on Montevallo’s campus.

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